viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Omulamp seta

Esta lámpara es una seta creciendo en un campo verde...

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  1. Hello from Polonia :)

    You are very talented artist !

    I love that lamp. Maybe you want to sell that ? :)


  2. Hello from Spain¡¡

    Thank you for your comment Przemo. I found this social network (purebloggers) to promote the blog, it was a good idea. And really works, the first day and I'm talking to Poland :)

    All lamps are on the blog can be sold. They are all hand made, therefore, never get two the same, each is unique. I work under demmand so i´ll need a few weeks to do the lamp

    I am currently selling the lamps in a small town in Spain (A Coruna), where I was born. I am very happy that people like and are selling well, but never from Poland ;)

    The model of the mushroom lamp can be with one, two or three lights. Prices are:
    -1 Light: 35 €
    -2 Lights: 50 €
    -3 Lights: 65 €
    I don´t known how much money it costs to send lamp Poland, but I'll tell you as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much for the blog comment.
    We are in contact.
    Regards and sorry for my english